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Posted By: Steve Miller Incandescent or fluorescent? - 12/05/01 04:48 AM
Well my apprenticeship students stumped me (again) today. We were going over Art 410 with respect to lights in clothes closets. I was explaining the ban on bare incandescent bulbs and the allowance of fluorescents when one of them pointed out that we now have screw in fluorescents that will fit in the old "keyless" or "pullchain" bases. He asked if they were considered as fluorescent and allowed or incandescent and disallowed. Being the wise old teacher that I am (and trying not to look too dumb) I said that these weren't so readily available when the last code was written but look for them to get mentioned in the future. Notice I dodged the question. Problem is I need an answer by next week. Any opinions?
Posted By: tdhorne Re: Incandescent or fluorescent? - 12/05/01 05:27 AM
Your answer could be that an edison based fixture is not a flourescent fixture, or is that "luminaire", and that any fixture that could take non-flourescent bulbs is treated as incandescent by enforcement authority.
Posted By: Joe Tedesco Re: Incandescent or fluorescent? - 12/05/01 05:48 AM

This question is old enough to vote!

The code prohibits "lampholders" and that would deny their use in a clothes closet even with the "screw in fluorescents" you describe.
Posted By: Steve Miller Re: Incandescent or fluorescent? - 12/06/01 04:25 AM
Thanks guys, I knew there was something very obvious that I was missing.
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