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16/3 SO Cord.

Posted By: Mike

16/3 SO Cord. - 04/24/01 10:02 PM

We're removing 500 watt resistance heaters from some instrument cabinets. The heaters are fed from a 20 amp circuit. 16/3 SO cord is routed from the supply to the heaters inside the cabinets. The same 20 amp circuit is going to supply new heat trace (120 VAC/ 3watts a foot). Can the 16/3 SO cord be used to connect to the heat trace? The splices will be inside a power connection kit (junction box). Thanks.
Posted By: sparky

Re: 16/3 SO Cord. - 04/25/01 02:06 AM

depends how it's used, check 240-4, T400-5
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