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Posted By: smokey hazardous location - 04/10/01 02:47 AM
is it legal to run liquidtight flexible metal conduit as the raceway to feed a motor that sits directly next to a propane tank?
Posted By: sparky Re: hazardous location - 04/10/01 10:56 AM
what kind of motor ???

[Linked Image]
Posted By: resqcapt19 Re: hazardous location - 04/10/01 11:58 AM
What is the area classification? If it is Class 1 Div 2 then sealtight is ok. If it is Class 1 Div 1 then explosion proof flex is required at about $100.00 per for 1/2".
Posted By: Stu T Re: hazardous location - 04/11/01 03:27 AM
Only if the area is classified as Class I, Div. II
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