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Posted By: Bill Addiss NFPA 70E? - 02/25/01 04:28 PM
I'm curious how many people are familiar with NFPA 70E standards or even it's existance? I would guess that our Inspector and Instructor members are are of it, but how about the rest of the population here?

Perhaps anyone familiar with it could give us an idea on it's scope and critique on it's usefulness? And others can just let us know if you've ever heard of it or have any knowledge of it's contents.


NFPA 70E - Standard for Electrical Safety Requirements for Employee Workplaces

Recent article:

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Posted By: sparky Re: NFPA 70E? - 02/25/01 05:09 PM
I'll second the vote here Bill.

There is a pix on the site, the only time i can remeber seeing the actual book is at an IAEI course, where the instructor, who had a number of books was heard to say;

"You guys should invest in some of these"
[Linked Image]
Posted By: gpowellpec Re: NFPA 70E? - 02/25/01 05:45 PM
Good article from the Engineer's Digest. I will start posting this link on other forums.

Quoted from the article:
"The latest edition of NFPA 70E includes additional requirements for arc blast, arc flash, and maintenance practices, as well as safety requirements for special equipment and a matrix for specifying PPE."

This new information simplifies how to determine what PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)is needed without being an engineer. The normal electrician working on 480 volt, 3 phase systems can just look at a chart to tell if he needs flash gear and what constitutes his protective clothing and PPE. Someone doing maintenance and not installing or modifying anything would need this standard and other OSHA regulations, but not the NEC. Safe work practices and qualifications should not be in the NEC. The NEC can no longer be considered the Electricians Bible because it can not be inclusive enough to cover everything needed to be safe, efficient, and correct in installation practices.
Posted By: Bill Addiss Re: NFPA 70E? - 02/25/01 06:35 PM
Thanks Gerald,

Can't take the credit for finding it though
Joe T. had pointed it out to me.

Posted By: Bill Addiss Re: NFPA 70E? - 03/06/01 07:22 PM

No response as yet from NFPA on your suggestion regarding NFPA 70E Online.
I'll keep you posted.

Posted By: Bill Addiss Re: NFPA 70E? - 03/08/01 01:54 AM
Judging from the lack of responses here, Can I assume that this is a relatively unknown animal? (NFPA 70E)

Posted By: gpowellpec Re: NFPA 70E? - 03/08/01 05:38 AM
I am not surprised at the lack of familiarity with 70E, but am dissappointed with the lack of interest. Naturally, there was more interest on the IAEI board. Hopefully there has been more awareness raised than the boards indicate. 70E is a very good standard, especially the tables for PPE and method for determining flash hazard with out a lot of hard calculation. NFPA should encourage awareness of its existence with FPNs in NEC Article 110. That way the word is going out without mandating AHJ enforcement and the NEC is still within its scope as an installation standard.
Posted By: sparky Re: NFPA 70E? - 03/09/01 11:39 PM
It is a worthy document, one that would not break the bank to have in an apprenticeship.

I sent for mine in an effort to comply with this qualified quagmire, which ends up a safety issue.

but that's not the best part....

this is the story, as far as I understand it....

Apparently OSHA had asked,or inquired of the NFPA as to a safety document..a reasonable request.

So they come up with 70E ! Viola! [Linked Image]

OSHA, however, cannot "recognize" this, due to legalities that are probably there for a reason, but are not much help to the trade as far as compliance in this situation.

[Linked Image]

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