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Posted By: resqcapt19 manhole cover grounding - 12/29/00 06:12 PM
It is my opinion that 250-2(b)requires that metal manhole covers be connected to an equipment grounding conductor. Has anyone ever seen this done? As many manhole installations are outside the scope of the NEC, does the NESC have a requirement to ground conductive manhole covers? Last night a dog in Chicago was killed when it stepped on an energized manhole cover (see,2669,SAV-0012290261,FF.html). A few years ago an 11 year old girl in an eastern city was killed in the same manner.
Posted By: Bill Addiss Re: manhole cover grounding - 12/29/00 09:58 PM

Thanks for sharing that with us!
The url doesn't quite make it though there's an extra ). at the end that makes it not work. The address is:,2669,SAV-0012290261,FF.html

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Posted By: Bill Addiss Re: manhole cover grounding - 12/30/00 01:37 AM

It sounds like grounding wouldn't be a bad idea. Perhaps some sort of pointed fitting could be attached to the rim somehow that would dig into or make good contact with the heavy cover when in place.
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