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2020 is at the printers.

Posted By: gfretwell

2020 is at the printers. - 05/22/19 05:05 AM

I saw a few things about the changes. They are shuffling the articles around again, I guess we were finding things too fast for them but 2 actual changes struck me.
They are extending GFCI protection within 6' of a sink to 240v circuits like ranges and dryers.
They are going to require a single disconnect for services in a dwelling, outside.
I haven't seen the actual language but these are the recaps in the NFPA journal.
Posted By: HotLine1

Re: 2020 is at the printers. - 05/22/19 12:05 PM

Thanks Greg
We are still '14 now, '17 is in process of public comments for a remaining short time, then it will finally be adopted with amendments.

We will be doing Code update CEUs on the '20 soon, and by the time it gets thru Trenton, most of us forget what the changes were and have to do some reading again.

The single disco sounds like a decent idea, which will get a lot of debate, as well as the 240 volt GF.
Posted By: gfretwell

Re: 2020 is at the printers. - 05/22/19 02:11 PM

This will effectively make the "6 switch" rule obsolete but I doubt many 1&2 family are using that rule these days anyway. I suppose there are existing split bus panels out there but they are overdue for an upgrade and when that happens they will bump into this rule. It will increase the sales of "Meter main" panels I suppose.
The only debate I have heard on the down side is you might have kids tripping the main as a prank. That could be devastating on an unoccupied house in the winter.
Posted By: HotLine1

Re: 2020 is at the printers. - 05/28/19 06:24 PM

There are some 'older' comm bldgs with the six switch being used, and it was ok when they only had the tenant capacity for 5 or six units. Now, they wind up paying the price to upgrade the service for spaces that they split for tenants that require 'less' square footage. The $$ savings for 'no main' catches up!

I just got plans for a new Taco Bell, and, yes, the design is for 600 amp, 120-208, 3 phase with a six switch MDP.

Yes, the prank shut of the main can be a problem, but there always is a breakaway padlock for a deterrent.
Posted By: gfretwell

Re: 2020 is at the printers. - 05/30/19 12:06 AM

My firemen buddies would say they are all breakaway padlocks. It just depends on what tool they need to break it away.
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