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Hot tub

Posted By: watersparkfalls

Hot tub - 09/01/17 08:31 PM

Hi all, couple questions regarding hot tubs; this particular hot tub is located on a concrete deck and is sunken into concrete(basically it is built in the concrete) and has remote heater and pump motors, and 1 wet niche. First question is about comfort heaters they have on deck: does 680.27 (C) (1) apply to my installation? Mine seems to start in Part IV specic to hot tub, just seems like some of part II should/would apply to my install, however 680.40 specifically says only parts I & IV.
Posted By: gfretwell

Re: Hot tub - 09/02/17 12:43 AM

680.42 Outdoor Installations. A spa or hot tub installed
outdoors shall comply with the provisions of Parts I and II
of this article, except as permitted in 680.42(A) and (B),
that would otherwise apply to pools installed outdoors
Posted By: watersparkfalls

Re: Hot tub - 09/04/17 07:28 PM

Thanks gfretwell smile
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