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Posted By: sparkync Sub panel - 05/09/15 09:29 PM
I have a 200 amp Meter/combo with feed through lugs, outside with 5 double pole breakers. I am feeding out of back of that panel to a 200 amp main breaker panel directly behind it. The panel inside now becomes a sub panel, therefore I will have to run an insulated neutral from the outside panel to the inside (4 wire), but can still come off the "feed through" lugs to the inside main breaker, right??
I guess I can actually have a main lug panel inside instead of a Main breaker since I'm using the Main breaker outside thru the feed through lugs. Thanks
Posted By: gfretwell Re: Sub panel - 05/10/15 07:42 PM
Yes it could be an MLO but the inside disconnect is not a bad idea, if for nothing else to avoid confusion from a "home inspector" down the road. The 4 wire feeder and the isolated ground bus is right.
Posted By: sparkync Re: Sub panel - 05/11/15 08:06 PM
Thanks Greg. Yes I'll probably go with the main breaker. I agree. Cuts down on confusion.
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