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Posted By: triple pvc bends - 10/17/14 01:34 PM
Is a pvc bend radius ever so large that it no longer counts as a bend? I'm referringto buried pvc that may have a gradual curve. To exaggerate, consider a pipe that eventually turns 180 degrees but takes 500' to do it.
Posted By: HotLine1 Re: pvc bends - 10/17/14 01:46 PM
The example may be considered a very large elongated sweep.

Seriously, IMHO a short answer is no!
Posted By: ghost307 Re: pvc bends - 10/17/14 10:41 PM
I've seen gigantic bend radii in underground phone conduit.
The short answer is that a 90 degree bend is a 90 degree bend.
Posted By: Yoopersup Re: pvc bends - 10/18/14 04:15 PM
A lot of Cables including HV have required bending Radius ,
Thus long radius 90's.
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