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I know the code says the clearance for open conductors from patios, decks, etc. is 3 ft. Is that from the actual structure? How about if someone is standing on the deck? How far from their hand reach is this? How about if they stand on the railing? I know that's a crazy questions, but I have a "service riser" I need to run and the weather head is going to be up above the patio of this house on the second story. If I knew how to post a picture, I would include it:)
I think they assume you won't accidentally touch something that is 3 feet out past the rail at it's nearest point or 10 feet up. If you are doing something dumb like standing on the rail, you are on your own. We have tree trimmers frying themselves about once a month around here.
Thank you Greg for your response. This deck is built on the back side of the house and is approx. 10ft. high to the platform with approx. 4 ft. rails around it. The service drop connections are about 4 to 5 ft. up above the railing on the corner of the house. Could you tell me how to submit a picture? It might explain a little more. Thanks
Details on uploading pics are found in the General Discussion Section, at the top of the page.

Here is the first photo of the back of the house. I want to run the riser from the existing location where the old meter is, up through the patio decking, up to the eave, then 90 toward the right corner of house where the downspout is, and face the weather head facing the front of the house, away from the deck.
Here is the 2nd photo showing where I want to put the weather head.
I'm pretty sure I'm alright with this. The old service is there, just wanted to clarify it. Thanks
Based on the pics and the understanding that you intend on placing the head where the existing is, I see no issues.

As I often suggest, you should check with your local AHJ and the POCO, to be sure.

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