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Posted By: mxslick Idaho sparkies: AFCI required..or not? - 08/04/13 10:19 PM
Hey gang, long time since my last visit. Glad to be back.

Just bought a property and house in Idaho (Bingham County) and the electrical is, well a disaster. I will be doing a total rewire (thankfully the panel is a 150amp SqD QO in excellent condition.)

Two questions:

1: Are AFCI's required?
2: Is Idaho on the 2011 Code cycle?

Posted By: HotLine1 Re: Idaho sparkies: AFCI required..or not? - 08/05/13 02:32 PM

Welcome back!!

Here's a link. Looks like no AFCI based on a quick read of the exceptions (pg 2-3) And still 2008.

Posted By: mxslick Re: Idaho sparkies: AFCI required..or not? - 08/05/13 08:21 PM
Thanks HotLine1!!

That is great news for me in two respects, one is NO AFCI's (Yea!) and I have a copy of the 2008 Code. smile

On my next trip to the property I will be getting detailed pics of the entire house and will put up the electric pics here.

Mere words cannot describe some of the violations....and they are serious ones.
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