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Posted By: sparkync 12/3 feeder to garage - 03/24/11 05:46 PM
Tell me if I'm right:
If I run 12/3 UF cable to a detached garage to feed lights and receptacles I would not have to drive a ground rod at the detached building??? I know to put a double pole breaker on the multi/wire circuit. Also will I have to provide another means of disconnect at the garage for the circuits??
I'm not planning on doing it like this, but just in case the customer wants to go the cheapest route, I want to make sure. Thanks for the input
Posted By: gfretwell Re: 12/3 feeder to garage - 03/24/11 07:40 PM
Just don't call it a feeder, it is a "single branch circuit" and put the breaker on the line end, in the house. Then you get the exceptions.
You still need a disconnect but that can be a 2 pole snap switch or two single poles marked "disconnect". The switches have to be rated at the load and 15a or greater.
Personally I would use a 2 pole 30a to make everyone happy.
(Ref 225.30-225.39)
Posted By: HotLine1 Re: 12/3 feeder to garage - 03/24/11 07:41 PM
2008 NEC 250.32(A) exception:

Exception: A grounding electrode shall not be required where only a single branch circuit, including a multiwire branch circuit, supplies the building or structure and the branch circuit includes an equipment grounding conductor for grounding the normally non–current-carrying metal parts of equipment.

Posted By: sparkync Re: 12/3 feeder to garage - 03/24/11 10:41 PM
Thanks for the replies. That's what I was thinking but just didn't have the code reference available. Greg, would it not still be considered a "branch circuit" even if I did come out of the outside panel, as long as the outside panel has a "main breaker" in it?? Thanks again.
Posted By: gfretwell Re: 12/3 feeder to garage - 03/25/11 02:08 AM
As long as it is on the load side of the last over current device it is a branch circuit.
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