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EDI Magazines, by Joe McPartland 1990-1991

I have all 13 issues and they include many great NEC articles and other stories that can be discussed. If you know of any let me know which ones you want to see.

Do you remember them and how the industry accepted this new information from Joe? EDI Magazine

Joe Tedesco, NEC Consultant
Posted By: JBD Re: EDI Magazines by Joe McPartland 1990-1991 - 03/22/11 04:06 AM
I enjoyed the articles about 'grounding'. I still have some copies in my reference files.

I think I remember them, were they free like EC&M?
Wasn't there another mag called CEE or something?
EDI was free and CEE was also free.

You wrote for CEE back then didn't you? I believe you got some pictures that I gave you of one of the first violations I ever photographed published in that magazine. There was a feeder laying across the roof of a restaurant if I can remember correctly.
Yes. I still have that page showing the conductors on the roof.
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