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Handhole Rateings Question

Posted By: Yoopersup

Handhole Rateings Question - 04/24/10 08:07 PM

Grass Areas, Parking lots, Occasioal Traffic. + Tier 15
Heavy traffic , Road areas AASHTO H-20. Rateing.
Handhole are sized up to 36x72 inches .
Any info that might be helpfull??
Posted By: sabrown

Re: Handhole Rateings Question - 04/27/10 03:57 PM

Sounds like that may be a utility primary vault (one required by the POCO) often they have drawings for such on their websites or available if you ask, often taken from the REA manuals. Here is a link (cut and paste into your address bar) to one from one of the POCO's I deal with.
Posted By: Yoopersup

Re: Handhole Rateings Question - 04/28/10 01:52 AM

Not Utility Conductors are 3-600Kclm plus Ground in 5 inch
Handholes sized By 314.30. per location .
Rated from Light duty to AAHTO H-20.
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