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Posted By: watersparkfalls feeder sizing - 04/20/10 05:50 AM
how should I calculate generator feeders? I have a 17 KW generator 71 amps, 310.15 allows #4 for 100 amps, but does it allow #6 for 71 amps? Do I size according to 310.16 which is still #4?
Posted By: gfretwell Re: feeder sizing - 04/20/10 07:32 AM
You can only use 310.15(B)(6) if this is a main feeder for the entire dwelling, basically an extension of the service entrance from a disconnect. That is, by definition, a #4 minimum. In no case could you interpolate down to a #6.
Any other application has to use 310.16.
Posted By: watersparkfalls Re: feeder sizing - 04/20/10 04:46 PM
thanks Gfretwell
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