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Exhaust fan in shower area??

Posted By: sparkync

Exhaust fan in shower area?? - 11/11/09 10:26 PM

Is an exhaust fan permitted in the shower? My customer has a shower that is totally separated by a wall and shower door from the bathroom area.
Also I assume I can put a recess light with a gasket in the shower. Does it have to be on GFI circuit. I'm only looking at the 99 code and do not have the newer ones available right now. Thanks..
Posted By: George Little

Re: Exhaust fan in shower area?? - 11/11/09 10:41 PM

Not a problem Sparky, But you need to look at the Listing. The fans that are suitable for use in a shower will be labeled "Suitable for use in a shower when installed on a GFCI protected circuit" or word to that effect. Beyond that you could be asking for trouble.
Posted By: renosteinke

Re: Exhaust fan in shower area?? - 11/11/09 10:51 PM

Not only allowed, but required. You must have ventilation, unless there's a window you can open.

I say that, imagining a completely separate shower room. If you're simply describing a large glass shower door, then the existing bath fan might neet the HVAC code requirements.

Another possibility is a remote-operated fan. That is, a fan that is located somewhere the exhaust ducting, and not actually mounted on the ceiling of the shower.

If you do have a separate room, remember that the switches need to be outside the shower area itself - in the changing area, or even outside the room.
Posted By: OreElect

Re: Exhaust fan in shower area?? - 11/12/09 01:41 AM

On the fan subject.
We in oregon have had some changes.Bathrooms that have bathing facilities must have a min 80cfm max 3 sone controled by a timer,humidistat or auto control. Ducting to be smooth wall,no flex. This applies also for fan replacements.
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