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Posted By: clearyjr lighting load - 04/21/05 08:37 PM
can any one direct me to the artical that covers the total watts per lighting circuit.
Posted By: Redsy Re: lighting load - 04/22/05 12:46 AM
Lighting is considered a continuous load.
210.19(A) and 210.20(A) limit continuous loads to 80% circuit capacity, so...

A 120-volt, 20-amp lighting circuit is limited to 1920 watts.
A 277-volt, 20-amp lighting circuit is limited to 4432 watts.
If you are using fluorescent or HID lighting don't forget to add ballast load.
Posted By: clearyjr Re: lighting load - 04/22/05 02:55 AM
Thanks Redsy!
I tought there was a specific wattage ie(1380watts). My delema is that an architech has specified a single dimmer for two chandeliers with 900 watts each. So before I tell him his design is wrong and we need a dimming module or two seperate dimmers I want to cover my bases.
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