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Posted By: Scott35 Is 310-16 changed in '05 NEC? - 12/18/04 02:49 AM
Hello all;

I heard a rumor last week Re. Table 310-16's Conductor ratings being changed - actually increased the maximum Amperage listed per Cell (Column and Line in the Table), in the 2005 NEC.

Any truth to this? - more to the point, is there any differences in listed Ampacity between the Table in the 1999 NEC, and the 2005 NEC? (I am playing information de-bunk again [Linked Image] ...)

TIA!!! [Linked Image]

Posted By: Roger Re: Is 310-16 changed in '05 NEC? - 12/18/04 01:23 PM
Hello Scott, the ampacities are the same, the only change I know of is # 8 being in the top cell instead of the second cell down.

Posted By: Scott35 Re: Is 310-16 changed in '05 NEC? - 12/19/04 01:03 PM

Thanks for the reply! [Linked Image]

Someone must have been pulling the Guy's Leg, and I got caught up in the "Limb-Pulling Activity" as well... once again!
[Linked Image]

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