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Are there any power point files available for this book?

[Linked Image]

I'll try to find out something this coming week.

Thanks Bill, I am concerned because the images in the book seem to show installations that may be considered as improper.

Has anyone else seen or used this book?

The JATC book for the last code was the same .. greate 6 megapixel pictures with some interesting images too.
Yes, there are power points, but they consist of only the pictures, no text.

I am familiar with this book. When I do 8 hour code change classes for the union here in Salt Lake, they include this book with the class fees. I too have noticed some discreoencies in it, for example, where in 300.22 they are discussing ducts and plenums, but the picture they have is an "other space used for enviromental air".

How did you get the Power Point files?

Joe, I got them from the local JATC that I teach seminars for.

No answers, but I sent you some contact info via email.

Thanks, Ryan and Bill

Got it under control now.
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