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Oven Connection

Posted By: George Little

Oven Connection - 01/01/06 10:14 PM

Since "red" wire nuts are not suitable for splicing aluminum and coper conductors, what do the contractors use to tie the whip of an oven to the branch circuit conductors? Most will swear they use "split bolts" rated for the conductors and since I never inspect this connection I believe them. What if they removed the whip and installed a cord?
Posted By: Jim M

Re: Oven Connection - 01/02/06 12:39 AM


The ovens I have done recently have all been copper to copper connections. However if the blue wire nuts won'twork I use the Polaris pre-insulated connectors.
Posted By: sierra electrician

Re: Oven Connection - 01/02/06 01:14 AM

>>and since I never inspect this connection I believe them.<<

So call'em on one to see.

Aren't Blue wire nuts only rated at 20A?
Posted By: Electricmanscott

Re: Oven Connection - 01/02/06 01:20 AM

I use split bolts. Most ovens I see do not allow cord and plug connection.
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