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Posted By: gserve URD to feed mobile home - 07/28/05 11:50 PM
Can someone point me to what code article covers that URD 2224 cable cannot terminate in the panel of a mobile home and must terminate outside the mobile home panel
Posted By: George Little Re: URD to feed mobile home - 07/29/05 03:04 AM
Unless I missed my guess, your using URD for a feeder from the pedestal to the panel in the mobile home. Even if I'm wrong with my guess - URD is a conductor used underground by the utility companies (I think). The NEC in Article 110 Section 110.8 kinda tells me that this type of conductor probably would not be recognized as acceptable for the installation inside the mobile home. Check also Article 550 Section 550.33.

Could not find URD 2224 in the NEC or the UL white book.
Posted By: Alan Nadon Re: URD to feed mobile home - 07/30/05 02:07 AM
Sticking my neck out since I don't have all the references available.
I understand that the insulation on URD is flamable and not to be used IN a building.
To be proper the URD is to have a termination where it emerges from the ground and another wiring method used from that point to the panel in the home.
In 25 years of inspecting I haven't seen it done that way yet.
Alan -- Inspector.

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Posted By: George Little Re: URD to feed mobile home - 07/30/05 03:00 AM
I read that also Alan but I don't remember where. Senior moment [Linked Image]
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