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Posted By: SprkRobUrben romex - 05/13/04 12:17 AM
I'm in harrisburg PA.Remodeling 3 story steel frame Bld. contractor wants to use romex. There is a non plenum drop cieling.
My understanding is you can't have any exposed romex in a drop cieling,plenum or not.Is this correct? Harrisburg is on 93 code. I want to use MC,don't want romex touching any steel.
Posted By: Roger Re: romex - 05/13/04 06:58 PM
Under the 93 NEC you would be fine, as long as the building is not a; Place of Assembly, Commercial Garage, Theatre, or Motion Picture Studio.

I don't see a problem with NM touching building steel.


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Posted By: Electricmanscott Re: romex - 05/13/04 10:03 PM
'93 code? How often do you guys update? (Obviously not very)
Posted By: DougW Re: romex - 05/25/04 12:25 AM
Not sure about '93 Code, but I think the plenum restriction for NM was there.
Posted By: OreElect Re: romex - 05/25/04 02:25 AM
Yea,I dont get it,Harrisburg in the USA? 93 code book. Or does each state take turns on which code book to use?Lets look in 334.12.
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