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Some old electrical books scanned (UK)

Posted By: Owain

Some old electrical books scanned (UK) - 06/10/12 11:35 PM

I have scanned and uploaded parts of some old electric wiring books as follows. Hope people enjoy them. All are PDFs.

Electric Bells and Electric Light
The Modern Plumber And Sanitary Engineer. Probably about 1907-1920. 'The system of wood capping of electric wiring still has its advocates', you will be pleased to hear.

Private Generating Plant
The Modern Plumber and Sanitary Engineer as above

Electric Wiring Tumbler Switch Circuits
Electric Wiring, Fittings, Switches and Lamps. W Perren Maycock Whittaker, London, 1917. 5th Revised Edition. Some old fuseboards. Tumbler switch circuits including Marvel, dimming filament lamps. Moore tubes.

Using Mineral Insulated Cables (mentioned in another thread)
The electrician's mate - a guide to using (mineral insulated) MICC cables from BICC Cables.
Posted By: tomn

Re: Some old electrical books scanned (UK) - 06/11/12 04:08 AM

Very interesting. I love old books like these.
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