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Posted By: Trumpy Old Light switch - 04/07/07 11:52 PM
Can anyone identify this old light switch?.

[Linked Image]

It would have been an outdoor switch judging by it's construction and was more than likely designed to connect to steel conduit.
Any ideas?.
Posted By: 32VAC Re: Old Light switch - 04/08/07 11:01 AM
Australian made Federal Rowco rotary switch perhaps? Normally 10A @ 240V AC only rating, a good guage of its age would be a 3/4" conduit entry instead of a 20mm one.
Posted By: Trumpy Re: Old Light switch - 04/08/07 11:31 AM
If you look closely On is up.
This switch is certainly foreign.
Posted By: RODALCO Re: Old Light switch - 04/08/07 09:51 PM
I have a look by one of our subs, for the outside lights.
They look similar, heavy duty for steel conduit.
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