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Posted By: electure Federal............Before Pacific - 04/22/05 12:04 PM
This was my subpanel until a couple weeks ago. Originally it was the service to the house, built in 1958. A 50 amp service. This is Federal Electrical Products Company. Note the label says it's UL "inspected" not "listed", though molded on the side of the breaker are the words " Use Only in Listed Enclosures." The hinged door cover was made to fit semi flush over an indoor panel to make it raintight. I don't know who made it.


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Posted By: Larry Fine Re: Federal............Before Pacific - 04/25/05 03:40 AM
Actually, Sandy, that's a main-lug panel. The 50-amp 2-pole breaker was for the range, the 20-amp 2-pole for a water heater or window A/C, and the remaining 1-poles were the branch circuits.

I've worked on this same panel as recently as last year. Those Stab-loks are interchangeable with the more-recent red-and-black F.P. panels and breakers.
Posted By: sandsnow Re: Federal............Before Pacific - 04/25/05 02:01 PM
Actually the 20 amp 2 pole used to feed the pool equipment.
The 50 amp was probably the main. It was a sub-panel when I did this change-out. There was not any evidence of the range ever hooked here such as large empty ko or abandoned cable.
Posted By: mamills Re: Federal............Before Pacific - 04/25/05 02:35 PM
Something interested that I noticed about this panel (and many others I have come across); On the metal label attached to the cover, there are indications for eight breakers, 1-8 (the "full size" NA breakers), but the stab-buss seems to allow the smaller half size breakers for positions 1, 4, 5, and 8. I have also seen many instances where the smaller breakers were jammed onto the buss in positions where they were not intended to be located, with the resulting problems everyone here has seen. [Linked Image]

Mike (mamills)

Pretty good looking doghouse for the panel (as far as these go). What's the round thing above...looks like an old meter can.

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Posted By: sandsnow Re: Federal............Before Pacific - 04/25/05 11:08 PM
Yes, that's the old meter can.
Noticed that also about the twins not fitting in the center positions.
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