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Posted By: Admin Old Service - 60/25 Cycles - 03/22/05 06:35 PM
I kept this from a remodel job I was on. It was still in use when we got there.

- Joe W
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Posted By: NumberSix Re: Old Service - 60/25 Cycles - 03/22/05 08:13 PM
I guess I could give a little more info...

The house is located in SE Iowa and was "supposedly" an old gangster's house. I don't know if that's true or not. The owners must have been wealthy because it had servant's quarters and seperate entries and stairways for the staff.

There was also an old paging system from the kitchen to some of the other rooms in the house. The master bedroom suite had some kind of switch for the telephone system to cut all the lines except the one in that room. There is also 7 bathrooms, one of which is in the basement.

The house was upgraded to a 400 amp service. We restored some of the old fixtures and converted some of the combo electric/gas fixtures also.

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Posted By: pauluk Re: Old Service - 60/25 Cycles - 03/23/05 10:17 AM
Hi Joe, and welcome to ECN.

That's interesting to see another area which once used 25Hz power. We were discussing different frequency systems a short while ago in
this thread .
Posted By: NumberSix Re: Old Service - 60/25 Cycles - 03/23/05 09:19 PM
I'll get some better pics when the weather straightens out and I kick this nasty cold. In case you can't tell, the enclosure is made of wood. On the inside, it looks as if it has asbestos backing. I haven't messed with it too much yet. I'll have to clean off the workbench a little and snap some interior shots.

This thing still had knob and tube wiring that was still in use inside of it. It also had phone wires and coax spliced inside. I just thought that it was too interesting to send to the dump.
Posted By: Admin Re: Old Service - 60/25 Cycles - 03/31/05 05:12 PM
some inside pics ...

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