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NFPA 70E compliance letter

Posted By: Zog

NFPA 70E compliance letter - 07/31/07 11:50 AM

How many contractors out there have recieved a letter from a customer saying that they need to provide proof that they are in complaince with the NFPA 70E by 8/13/07 to continue to work on site?

I have recieved several calls for training the last few weeks from EC's who have recieved a letter like that and was curious if this is common nationwide.
Posted By: Samurai

Re: NFPA 70E compliance letter - 08/07/07 04:41 AM

I haven't had any notices like that in Fl. - sounds a little like a liability insurance writer (or sponsored law?) of the old fashioned CYA variety.
Posted By: Zog

Re: NFPA 70E compliance letter - 08/07/07 10:36 PM

I think it is CYA but IBM is in the middle of a law suit from a contractor that was burned in an arc flash on thier site, maybe that accident is making other companies nervous.
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