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Single Phase 3 Wire Transformer Animated GIF

Posted By: Scott35

Single Phase 3 Wire Transformer Animated GIF - 11/12/11 03:23 AM

Just for fun... yay

Below is a Crude Animation, depicting the Current Flows in Primary and Secondary Windings of a Single Phase Transformer, with a Center Tapped Secondary Winding.

Animation displays Current Flow on Primary & Secondary Windings, along with Magnetic Flow in the Core.

The Animated GIF is "Wobbly" - due to overlay issues.
Next version (someday! whistle ) shall be compiled on common layers, and "should" be sans wobble.


[Linked Image]

Link to Full-Sized Animation:

*** NOTE ***
If the Animation is difficult to view (i.e.: appears "washed out"), try opening the Graphic in a new Tab / Window, or Download the File and run in your favorite Graphics Application.

-- Scott
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