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I believe some will agree with me because I believe that a "Home Inspector" who has not received "electrical safety training on the hazards involved" should not be considered as a "Qualified Person" and should not remove the electrical equipment panel covers during their inspections!

This is a job for an electrician!

I am again interested in the safety of those who may have some concerns, and may be a bit afraid of the subject of electricity!

Qualified Person. One who has skills and knowledge related to the construction and operation of the electrical equipment and installations and has received safety training on the hazards involved.
I'm not sure if this really answers the question, but I'd say that if the home inspector does not have sufficient knowledge and training to be trusted to remove a panel cover in safety, then I'd say he doesn't have enough knowledge to be making a report on the condition of the wiring either.
• Most non-qualified home inspectors don’t realize that there are two hazards associated with electricity: electrical shock, which can shut down breathing and heart function even at very low levels; and, the risk of severe burns due to electrical arcing and arc blasts.

• In order for a home inspector to be considered as a qualified person to inspect ANY electrical system, a home inspector must learn how to protect themselves from both shock and burn hazards through the use of safe electrical work practices.
That could have been the origin of iwire’s discovery…

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