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Posted By: ThinkGood Those Tough Canadians! - 10/02/03 12:25 PM
Tough 80-Year-Old Canadian Unfazed by Burns
Posted By: Pinemarten Re: Those Tough Canadians! - 10/03/03 07:40 AM
I read a more detailed article in today's Edmonton paper. He is retired soldier, and he didn't even dial 911! He didn't think it was a big enough emergency so he called the regular number.
Posted By: sparky Re: Those Tough Canadians! - 10/04/03 12:06 AM
40 percent of his body

tough indeed....

i have dealt with those whom have expired from less
Posted By: Trumpy Re: Those Tough Canadians! - 10/04/03 02:30 AM
They sure breed them tough up in Canada. [Linked Image]
Took a bath to cool down and applied skin lotion to his burns, before deciding to call an ambulance.
He was waiting outside wearing his coat, when it arrived
Don't think I would put skin lotion on burnt skin, but hey, this guy obviously knows what's best for him!. [Linked Image]
Posted By: BuggabooBren Re: Those Tough Canadians! - 10/07/03 07:07 PM
Tough, smart and not afraid to admit he was the cause of his own pain:

"...he was recovering in a hospital "in good spirits, laughing, talking and blaming the incident on his stupidity."

We can hope he gets some help while he trains the 'youngsters' how to get along in life!
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