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Posted By: motor-T New type of GFCIs ? - 03/14/02 10:19 PM
Has anyone heard of a problem with GFCIs, especially the receptacle sensing device, giving up the ghost,on its last trip, but when reset the power comes back on, only without GFCI protection.
According to my supplier 'Leviton' has come out with a new gfci receptacle that if the electronics dies it can not be reset.
I guess from what they told me someone got a good shock from a defective unit, and this was determined to be the problem.
Hence 'leave-it-on' has devised a new type to solve this problem.
Posted By: Tom Re: New type of GFCIs ? - 03/14/02 10:32 PM
Leviton came up with this technology last year, I believe. I expect they'll license it to other manufacturers & we'll eventually see it as a code requirement. After all, very few people ever check their GFI's (yrs trly included) so this could be an important safety feature.

Posted By: CTwireman Re: New type of GFCIs ? - 03/14/02 11:57 PM
I've heard of those GFI's and I've seen them advertised in the trade mags but so far I haven't seen them in any stores, retail or wholesale. Anybody know where they are available?
Posted By: sparky Re: New type of GFCIs ? - 03/15/02 12:05 AM
Proof Leviton reads the ROP's.... [Linked Image]
Posted By: Ron Re: New type of GFCIs ? - 03/15/02 01:59 AM

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