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Posted By: surfnyc LANs and E.C.s - 02/24/01 04:43 PM
Does it make a differance if one contractor does all in wall wiring (home entertainment, phone, computer and electrical) or that it is done by separate contractors (quality and $)? This is a gut renovation.
Posted By: surfnyc Re: LANs and E.C.s - 03/21/01 03:49 PM
On my last post I should have used the question mark icon.
Posted By: Bill Addiss Re: LANs and E.C.s - 03/21/01 06:26 PM

I think that the question is too vague and has too many variables for any determination to be made. It seems to me to be a matter of weighing several facts which We don't have.

You want someone qualified and 'up' on the technology to install your Lan and Communications wiring. Is the Electrical Contractor as qualified in this aspect as a specialist would be? He may very well be, and that would be the best scenario. But if he's not, there's nothing wrong with having 2 'specialists' work on your project. As to pricing ?? Ask for estimates.

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