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Utility pole installation

Posted By: WARREN1

Utility pole installation - 03/11/02 02:09 PM

I know you guys/gals usually don't get into utility pole installations. I have looked all over the internet for some guidelines, but can't find any. Used to have some REA stuff many years ago. So, does anyone have any good suggestions for utility pole installation guidlines or specifications?
Thanks for ANY help.
Posted By: Joe Tedesco

Re: Utility pole installation - 03/11/02 02:56 PM

Look here?

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Posted By: George Corron

Re: Utility pole installation - 03/11/02 03:22 PM

What are you looking for? burial depth, guy locations, etc. can be found in the "American Electricians Handbook", The "Linemans and Cablemans Handbook", or the "National Electrical Safety Code".
Posted By: WARREN1

Re: Utility pole installation - 03/11/02 04:09 PM

Thanks Joe and George. I know the standards for pole treatment are ANSI 05.1 and 04.4, and AWPA Standard C-4 Latest Edition. Wood poles have classes from 1 to 5, with 1 being the best. Installation used to be per REA standards, plus other standards (which I have forgotten since not using them for many years). I think REA was a federally published document then, however, I'm sure those documents have changed and are updated.
George, you are probably right with the "Linemans and Cablemans Handbook". Just as soon as I can get down to our library, I will check it out, if we have a copy.
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