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Posted By: bdaddyc1 construction outlook - 02/21/02 03:37 AM
Just wondering if other parts of the country are as slow going as it is here in SE Iowa, driving 4 hrs to get to work is gettin kinda old.
Posted By: George Corron Re: construction outlook - 02/21/02 04:26 AM
I don't mean to 'brag' but we're dying for electricians around DC. Just the Pentagon and Dulles airport would employ a good part of 'em. I do understand from my ham radio that there are lots of places not quite doing as well. Spent most of my time in the trade here or nearby, pretty much recession proof as you get.
Posted By: rbiro Re: construction outlook - 02/21/02 05:05 AM
Anyone considering relocating to areas with more construction should remember to take the cost of living into account. I've known several people that thought they were going to be rich with their new salaries only to discover they were not as well off as before.

In particular, the DC area is one of the more expensive areas to live in.
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