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Fifth terminal

Posted By: electrician02125

Fifth terminal - 02/15/02 05:09 PM

Can someone out there explain to me the term fifth terminal with respect to meter sockets.

Why would you need it or not ?

Depending on the month around my neck of the woods, you may need it or not.

I am in the maintenance end of the trade and
try to stay current on residential as much as possible.
Posted By: Redsy

Re: Fifth terminal - 02/15/02 06:29 PM

Our utility (PECO) requires a 5th jaw to meter an existing 120 volt service, and also to meter a single phase 208/120 service supplied from a 3 phase system. Although I don't know how it functions, according to our utility co. drawings, it provides a neutral connection to the meter. Your utility company should have an installation guide book which will include drawings.
Maybe someone else here can explain the function.
Posted By: CanadianSparky

Re: Fifth terminal - 02/16/02 08:16 PM

We use the fifth jaw for digital meters its a piece of #10 connected directly to the neutral.
Posted By: motor-T

Re: Fifth terminal - 02/20/02 07:40 PM

According to my PoCo on single phase its for a 120V pick-up for some meters they use, I didnt pursue whether thay were digital on not could well be.
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