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The "Constructor"

Posted By: aphares

The "Constructor" - 02/13/02 04:15 PM

I am looking for a program, The "constructor" that I can build and run lader logic on. I have found it over the internet, but with a heafty price, Can anyone help , to save me a buck or two ?, Or maybe you know of one that is cheaper, or better. let me know. Thank you.
Posted By: Bill Addiss

Re: The "Constructor" - 02/13/02 09:40 PM

Actually, we will be selling that item, as well as similar items in our ECN store within a week.

Posted By: Steve Miller

Re: The "Constructor" - 02/14/02 04:35 AM

At my last company we had a shareware version of it as well as the big ($500) one. The shareware was great for smaller ladders and I used it on my home machine. Unfortunately I lost it when the HD had to be reformatted and don't have the disks. If anyone knows where I can get that version I'd appreciate the link.
Posted By: aphares

Re: The "Constructor" - 02/18/02 05:56 AM
Posted By: Steve Miller

Re: The "Constructor" - 02/20/02 01:56 AM

Thanks, I needed that [Linked Image]
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