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Posted By: rignejd Nonmetallic pipe - 02/14/01 05:32 PM
Where in the NEC does it require nonmetallic pipe to be glued? If so, is a primer required?
Posted By: resqcapt19 Re: Nonmetallic pipe - 02/14/01 06:18 PM
110-3(b) because it is in the UL listing. The white book says: "PVC conduit is designed to be connected to couplings, fittings, and boxes by the use of a suitable solvent type cement. Instructions supplied by the solvent type cement manufacturer describe the method of assembly and are to be followed." I have never seen instructions of electrical grade solvent type cement requiring the use of a primer. Also 347-6 requires the use of an "approved" method.
Posted By: Tom Re: Nonmetallic pipe - 02/14/01 09:22 PM
Don has nailed this answer 100%.

I have used the primer on ocaision. The reason I've used it is because some fittings are fairly loose when installed on conduit of a different manufacturer. Priming the conduit & fitting makes a better bond between the two.
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