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just dropped by

Posted By: doc

just dropped by - 01/28/02 01:35 AM

Well I know you guys have really been missing me ha ha,but with new job that I started last APRIL I have not had time to come by {my doctor hates my employeer ] my blood pressure is out of site we are working litterly 90 to 100 hours a week so I'm getting very little sleep,but with things going like they are I am thankfull to have a job. On the flip side have found an employeer that really fusses over you they are constantly making me get a check up and push me to take it easy ,so have started to back off and maybe can get here a little more often. When I can see that is.Have really missed the forum and the friendship that has come to this website along with the kindness of explaining things to me and being patient with my typing Hope this note finds all you guys doing good and and in great health latter Doc
Posted By: The Watt Doctor

Re: just dropped by - 01/28/02 03:32 AM

All is well here Doc. From one doctor to another.
Posted By: sparky66wv

Re: just dropped by - 01/28/02 04:21 AM

Hi doc, welcome back!

Posted By: sparky

Re: just dropped by - 01/28/02 10:05 AM

Hi Doc.

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