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Posted By: Rowdy Rudy Questionable? - 01/25/07 02:17 PM
Yesterday was at a friends home to assist satellite installer while friend at work. Noticed service panel in garage was recessed but had a surface cover. Drywall extended about 1/4" farther out than panel. As a contractor I would never have tolerated that kind of workmanship and I feel that the AHJ shirked his duties.
Posted By: Tom Re: Questionable? - 01/25/07 03:19 PM
I'm wondering if the garage was drywalled at the time of construction or if it was done sometime after construction. If the drywall was done afterward, then the AHJ probably never saw this. I can think of at least one other scenario where the inspector may not have been aware that a surface cover would be used with a flush mounted box.

As for the 1/4" setback, this is allowed (312.3)

The only violation I can think of off the top of my head is not installing the equipment according to its listing (110.3(B)) and in this case I don't think this installation presents an imminent hazard.

Maybe a proposal for ugly work is warranted in the next code cycle [Linked Image] as I'm sure this panel is far from beautiful.
Posted By: livetoride Re: Questionable? - 01/25/07 03:27 PM
I was thinking the same as Tom. Unfinished garage is the norm with the HO finishing it after the fact. Not at all uncommon around here and if I am doing work I ask the HO if they want it fixed while I'm there. If the panel is screwed in not too big of a deal nailed on more of a problem. The worse thing is when the KO's are too far forward to flush it to the front. That could also be why the panel is back a bit. Rod
Posted By: colorado_sparky Re: Questionable? - 01/25/07 06:37 PM
which way was the drywall short depth (the panel was 1/4" deeper than the drywall surface) or a 1/4" gap? I can see if the panel is deeper, the gap though is sloppy drywalling.
Posted By: Rowdy Rudy Re: Questionable? - 01/26/07 01:57 PM
Garage was DW'd and insulated at time of construction for fire/insurance rating. I would believe that the panel installation would negate the fire rating. Electric work throughout generally sloppy.
Posted By: Tom Re: Questionable? - 01/26/07 03:32 PM

Well that brings into play the other thing that was on my mind. The panel may have been uncoverd at inspection time & it would have been easy to overlook what type of cover was going to be used.

One more point in defense of the inspector, in many jurisdictions, they have way too many inspections to do in a day..

As much as I'd like sloppy work to go away, if it meets the code in all other aspects, there isn't much the inspector can do.

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