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setting anchors for pole

Posted By: bot540

setting anchors for pole - 10/23/06 11:41 PM

How do you set light anchors when pouring concrete for pole lights? I've done the plywood template method but I think there is got to be a better way. Any suggestions?
Posted By: Fred

Re: setting anchors for pole - 10/23/06 11:57 PM

I take the anchor bolts and the bolt pattern template to the welding shop and have the bolts welded to a rebar cage. Stick the cage in the sonotube hole and run the conduit up through the cage. Now the bolts are part of a CCE.
Posted By: Celtic

Re: setting anchors for pole - 10/24/06 02:00 AM

Plywood template is a tried and true method....simple, cheap, effective, easy to produce "mass quantities", etc.
Posted By: iwire

Re: setting anchors for pole - 10/24/06 08:40 AM

I like the cage idea but I doubt I will ever do it.

I have never found it hard to use plywood, you can re-use the plywood if you do a lot of pole bases.

Or you can, at least in this area buy pre-cast pole bases and just place them in the ground.

The last pre-cast ones I did where about 7,000 Lbs.....plywood and a cement truck is easier. [Linked Image]
Posted By: HotLine1

Re: setting anchors for pole - 10/24/06 11:32 AM

Did the pre-cast a few times, was job spec from the engineer.

Like the plywood.

Just don't forget the rebar!!

Posted By: scameron81

Re: setting anchors for pole - 10/25/06 02:26 PM

We use 2X4's for the template. Two pieces fit snugly over the outside of the sono-tube. then the other two pieces go across with the holes in them for the anchors. Its nice because it gives you a little more room to work the concrete.
Posted By: Zapped

Re: setting anchors for pole - 10/25/06 03:31 PM

Some manufacturers will supply you with a template (either plastic or smetimes ply) specific to the pole you are installing. A phone call may save you alot of time.

The welding idea is good, as it seems it would also help keep the bolts level during installation. I have guys I work with that are welders, and I can perform simple welds myself. If time and budget allow, I'll use that next time. Thanks!
Posted By: luckyshadow

Re: setting anchors for pole - 10/26/06 09:23 PM

I use the same method that scameron81 describes , but I screw the plywood template to the 2x4's. I then run a nut down the bolts place the bolts through the plywood, then run a nut down the bolts to the plywood. You can set the bolt depth this way. You end up with the bolts bolted to the plywood which is screwed to the 2x4's. As the concrete is poured I vibrate it, when it is at the top we lift the bolts and work them into the concrete until the 2x4's are sitting on the top of the sonotube.
then I use a concrete float to finish off the exposed parts. When the concrete is set up enough but still soft enough to work it.I remove the nuts that are now on top , then carefully lift the entire bolt pattern off. Then I remove the nuts that were under the plywood. I then prceed to finish the concrete and apply a nice brushed finish. When I am happy with the finish I run a nut down each bolt to the concrete then run the second nuts 1/2 way down the bolts. I then flip the plywood / 2x4 bolt pattern upside down and place it on the bolts resting on the second nuts. Sounds involved but it's really not.
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