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Posted By: donles Milwaukee Falcon hammer drill - 01/02/02 03:20 AM
Anyone have opinions on Milwaukee's 7/8"
SDS-Plus Falcon rotary hammer? Evidently the are being discontinued and are available for a reduced price. Something like $259 down to $189. Of course, if no one likes them, $189 may be way too high.
Posted By: wolfdog Re: Milwaukee Falcon hammer drill - 01/02/02 07:32 PM
I had one, liked it, worked good. Someone stole it and I have not replaced it.
Posted By: BrianSparky Re: Milwaukee Falcon hammer drill - 01/06/02 11:09 PM
I'm sorry to hear the Falcon is being discontinued. When I was doing industrial work, it was the choice when drilling for 3/8 anchors in very hard concrete. We also had a hawk, but it always was broken!
Please let me know where you can get one for the mentioned price!
Posted By: donles Re: Milwaukee Falcon hammer drill - 01/08/02 03:17 PM
Sorry I didn't reply sooner Brian.
It's at a Sears Hardware in Bridgeville,PA.
I imagine other Sears Hardware store may have them also. As I wrote in my email to you, I went to the store twice last week, stood around trying to look interested, finally got someone to help (and the store wasn't busy) but they just didn't seem interested in helping me buy that drill.
So I went to a local hardware that beats everyone on price everyday and bought a Bosch 1 1/8"SDS that I've been thinking about for awhile.
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