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Good Electrician?

Posted By: Obsaleet

Good Electrician? - 04/03/06 12:37 AM

What makes an electrician good from the end users point of view? Or what is a good electrician?

Posted By: Larry Fine

Re: Good Electrician? - 04/03/06 01:26 AM

One who has both a deep understanding of electrical theory and of the mechanics of electrical work. In other words, a person who understands how to make a good, low-impedance connection as well as why it works.
Posted By: Electric Eagle

Re: Good Electrician? - 04/03/06 03:02 AM

Larry, you described a good electrician, but as I read the question it was a "good electrician" from the customers perspective. As far as that goes, most customers only care if it works and was low cost. So a hack carpenter/electrician may be a "good electrician" to the customer.
Posted By: BigB

Re: Good Electrician? - 04/03/06 03:21 AM

That you do a quality job and you are not only good with electricity but you are good with people. If you are the best electrician in the world but don't know how to treat people you won't survive in a consumer environment. It's even more important than price.
Posted By: Larry Fine

Re: Good Electrician? - 04/03/06 03:45 AM

Okay, different poingt of view: Aside from the obvious (prompt, courteous, reasonable, well-spoken, etc.) is this:

Clean up after yourself. Leave it cleaner than you found it. We spread plastic over floors and furniture, especially if we're making dust.

My best referrals over the years have all told us that their referrer mentioned, among other things, that we clean up and vacuum after we're done.

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Posted By: Trumpy

Re: Good Electrician? - 04/03/06 08:18 AM

Gidday Phil,
Nope, Larry certainly has the idea.
During my training, I was taught that a good Electrician knows his Regulations (Codes) and can utilise them to ensure good workmanship.
In my interpretation, a good electrician leaves an extra draw-wire or two in conduits and the like, a better one replaces them while he's using the existing ones.
Think of those that will work here after you, is my motto.
Not a real stretch as far as money goes, but a real psychological one. (I left that place in waiting for the next guy).
Just think, it could be you, for a different company. [Linked Image]
Posted By: renosteinke

Re: Good Electrician? - 04/04/06 01:36 AM

I think what separates the "sheep" from the "goats" are a few things not mentioned in either the codebooks or the trade classes.

The first is having an education that includes at least the basics of other trades.

The second is having the ability to imagine a room in use by the customer- and designing accordingly. This can include needing some "psychic" abilities, in anticipating the customer's use.

Finally- and this may seem obvious- not leaving the juob, or saying you're done, until you are certain everything is working right.
Posted By: Jps1006

Re: Good Electrician? - 04/06/06 01:27 AM

I'll try to answer what I think the original post was asking...

To the homeowner your good if you are neat and organized. use drop cloths, clean up better than you found the place, use plastic or covers when possible. Anticipate how they will be using what they are asking for.

Also make sure your pipes are straight and neat, even if they will be covered by drywall. Those few days that your work is exposed will leave an impression that will last well after you gone.

breaker and label your circuits by room and appliance. I can't tell you how many customers that tell me their house wiring is all screwed up because too many lights go off with one breaker and then the rest of the breakers shut off recpts with no ryhme or reason (to them). Make it systematic and they will think their system is expertly engineered.
Posted By: Obsaleet

Re: Good Electrician? - 04/06/06 02:14 AM

jps I feel the same way u do. U somed up pretty much what everybody else said above. I would like to thank all of u for responding. Lately I've been feeling like I wasn't doing the right thing. Guess I was wrong.

Thanx again
Posted By: Trumpy

Re: Good Electrician? - 04/06/06 10:00 AM

A "good" electrician in my opinion, knows what is happening around him.
Like John mentioned, knowing what other trades are doing and how that fits into your work matters.
Lack of co-ordination between trades in a job, can cost money and even bring the whole job down.
Which in turn leads to lack of professionalism.
Posted By: festus

Re: Good Electrician? - 04/06/06 11:47 AM

What makes a good electrician?

The absolute best electrician, or any other tradesman for that matter from a consumers or employers point of view is the one who shows up on time ready to work.
Just because someone is knowledgeable , experienced, friendly, and a master of their trade, they are useless if they are not dependable and reliable.
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