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Posted By: petekarn No juice in outdoor GFCI installation - 12/04/01 03:00 AM
I recently installed an underground conduit (110VAC)underground and tested fine on the GFCI. After a week, there was no juice and GFCI failed test. Outlets I tapped into from the side of the house are also dead. Nothing tripped. DVM shows nothing across hot to neutral, but about .3VAC across hot to ground. This outlet is at the end of a loop. Any help is appreciated.
Posted By: Jim M Re: No juice in outdoor GFCI installation - 12/04/01 03:40 AM

If the outlet that supplies the new GFI is dead you would need to check the fuse or breaker for that circuit.

Is there a switch to control these receptacles that is off?

If I understand it correctly you connected to an existing outside outlet? If so, is there a GFCI that protected that outside outlet? It might be in the Bathroom, Basement, Garage etc. If you're not sure I'd look around for a tripped GFCI in one of those locations. Or, it could be a loose connection somewhere.

Posted By: Dallas Re: No juice in outdoor GFCI installation - 12/04/01 02:57 PM
My bet would be a loose or broken connection somewhere upstream of the added work. The new work was the "straw that broke the camel's back" to an existing weak connection.

Posted By: petekarn Re: No juice in outdoor GFCI installation - 12/05/01 02:26 AM
Well guys, looks like Bill had the answer. There was a GFCI stashed in a tight spot behind two AC cooling units. Reset it and life became much better. Just another case of my not eliminating the obvious first, no matter how hard it may be to believe! Thanks for all your posts.
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