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Posted By: Redsy Venting bath exhaust. Old work. - 11/23/01 02:35 AM
Before I go to big box supplyhouse, what's available to vent a second floor bath fan to the outside. Attic is all clear. I'm hoping some type of soffit fitting. I would prefer not to go through the roof unless I need to.
Posted By: njelectricmaster Re: Venting bath exhaust. Old work. - 11/23/01 03:41 AM
Hello From Colorado!!!!!

I am not sure what the codes are in your area, but here we are aloud to take flexable tubing to the soffit and secure it within 6in of one of the soffit vents.

Posted By: Redsy Re: Venting bath exhaust. Old work. - 11/24/01 08:01 PM
I saw the customer today. She had a standard fan, light combo for the main bath. She had a "ductless" fan for the other bath. It uses a charcoal filter in lieu of exhaust oultet. I think the filter may be good for a powder room, where no steam is generated, but the second bath has a shower also. Anyone familiar with this type of ductless fan?
It is a Broan model 682.

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