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Posted By: Sparks30 XHHW - 08/11/05 11:44 PM
Question came up a work today. If SE cable is XHHW then can it be in conduit if you strip the insulation off. I do my services all in pipe and use seperate wires. Can someone help me with this. I have seen the services with service cable stripped back at the L.B and terminated at the meter. I always thought that was against code.
Posted By: renosteinke Re: XHHW - 08/12/05 12:14 AM
As I understand it....the 'fine line' is whether the individual wires are actually marked with their type....if so, then no problem.
Posted By: iwire Re: XHHW - 08/12/05 12:20 AM
I agree, 310.11 requires the conductors to be marked.
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