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Posted By: Sparks30 Garage - 08/09/05 05:45 AM
What would be the best possible way to put a sub panel in a detached garage. All wiring will be in 1 1/2" PVC. Ground at gargage. I know no service cable buried in conduit. Should i J-box and change over. It has been along time since I have done one. Thanks.
Posted By: gfretwell Re: Garage - 08/09/05 06:04 AM
I would just do the PVC stubbed up, wall to wall, LB through the walls and you only end up with 2 90s so pulling is easy. Pull in 4 appropriately sized THHN/THWN and be happy.
With 4 you are not regrounding the neutral at the garage. Drive a rod and ground the garage EGC bus.
Posted By: Sparks30 Re: Garage - 08/10/05 01:30 AM
If I run service cable to a j-box and change to THHN that would be acceptable.
Posted By: gfretwell Re: Garage - 08/10/05 01:46 AM
They still may want it sleeved where it comes out of the ground and up the wall. Whether something is subject to "Physical damage" seems to be a local thing.
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