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Fuse blowing?

Posted By: TP2150

Fuse blowing? - 01/20/01 08:23 AM

I am putting in a small laundry room in my garage. I have an electrical plug in the room currently active. I ran electricity from it to another outlet then though a wall switch connected to a single bulb ceiling light. The new and old outlets work great, though when I turn on the overhead light the 30 AMP fuse blows. I had nothing plugged into the outlets at this time. Any suggestions as to why the light is blowing the fuse.

Posted By: sparky

Re: Fuse blowing? - 01/20/01 11:12 AM

if the switch blows the fuse, then it's probably wired hot to neutral, creating a "dead short". Also, If you are on a 30 A fuse for this, it's not to code.
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