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Posted By: Bill39 Electrician's Toolbox website - 08/02/05 08:13 PM
The "Electrician's Toolbox" website has changed its format and now you need to register before accessing the Q&A forum.

Has anyone had any luck registering and receiving an email back with a username and password? I've tried registering twice and never get an email back. What gives??
Posted By: Tom Re: Electrician's Toolbox website - 08/02/05 10:41 PM
Beats me. i managed to get registered, got on the board once and now I can no longer log on even though I have double checked my user name & pass word.

i hope they get their problems straightened out. The requirement for a password is one I'm in favor of and should put an end to all those weird posts that were showing up there.
Posted By: macmikeman Re: Electrician's Toolbox website - 08/03/05 03:26 AM
Bill, I had to repeat the register process two times, but now I can go and post okay.
Posted By: DougW Re: Electrician's Toolbox website - 08/04/05 01:50 PM
I registered with no problem.

Wish they'd update their "tips" page, though.
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