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Posted By: strokezilla Siemens disconnect switch type 3R - 07/08/05 02:38 PM
Ok i am a trade student and was assigned the Siemens Genral Duty Enclosed Switch Type 3R 30 Amp 240 volt for a report. i have looked online with no real help other than stats that are already on the box itself. so can you guys help me out by telling me some ways to hook it up, what its best used for etc. just general stuff that i can not find from a sticker on the box, thanks in advance
Posted By: NJwirenut Re: Siemens disconnect switch type 3R - 07/08/05 08:01 PM
Would generally be used as a disconnect switch ahead of equipment. The 3R rating means that it is rainproof, and suitable for outdoor locations when properly installed.

These switches may be fused or unfused, 2 or 3 poles, and may be used as a service disconnect if marked as suitable.

Incoming power is fed to the top lugs, and the load conductors are landed to the bottom lugs. There may or may not be a lug for a neutral conductor present.
Posted By: Larry Fine Re: Siemens disconnect switch type 3R - 07/10/05 03:39 AM
To add: it can be used as a general disconnect, such as for an air-conditioning compressor unit, or for as an operating switch for loads within its ratings.
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