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Posted By: BigB GE Twins - 07/07/05 02:50 AM
Is there a twin made that will physically fit in a GE 1 inch slot in a GE panel with no provisions for the 1/2 inch breakers? I saw an old 20/20 twin today in a 24/24 GE panel but couldn't see who made it, it looked kind of generic but it seemed to fit well.
Posted By: u2slow Re: GE Twins - 07/07/05 04:57 AM
My folks have an original GE panel full of twin breakers... some are GE, others are Cutler-Hammer, and Siemens.
Posted By: JimMichaels Re: GE Twins - 07/07/05 06:15 AM
Read pages 58 to 60 and 70, 71.

Best Plan, replace panel with roomy new unit.
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